Cascade Pools

Cascade Pools

Pools To Last A Lifetime

The Cascade Pool has been our signature residential pool since we were established in 1983.

Originating from the U.S.A. the Cascade Pool is unique in design due to its in built 'Aquagenie' water distribution system, which ensures heated and treated water is distributed to the bottom of the pool providing greater energy efficiency than conventional pools which return the heated water close to the pool water surface.

The 'Aquagenie' also eliminates the need for a floor drain and thus eliminates any concerns over entrapment and potential leaks. The 'Aquagenie' not only promotes safety and energy efficiency but significant reductions in pool maintenance and cleaning too, allowing you to spend more time in your pool, not cleaning and maintaining it.

Cascade Pools are constructed using multi cellular synthetic resin wall panels finished with a high quality and robust lacquered vinyl lining, which is available in numerous colours and patterns.

Every Cascade Swimming Pool has a lifetime wall structure guarantee which can be extended to one transfer of ownership for the duration of the customer's lifetime and our liners, despite what pool suppliers/builders who use less established construction methods might lead you to wrongly believe, are typically good for a minimum of 10 to 12 years. (15 years on our Cascade "Bespoke" pools with "AlkorplanTouch" lining) . Even then it will only be a faded pattern if anything that will give you reason to want to change it. A reline takes just a couple of days to do, is relatively inexpensive and the pool is fully restored to it's former glory. Our display pools have been in the ground for over 30 years and you can call by and see just how great they still look. If you're considering a concrete tiled pool, a one piece pool or any other alternative then you may like to ask the installer to take you to see one of their pools that are 30 plus years old !



Our new "Bespoke" pool option enables you to essentially design your own pool. No longer are you limited to the standard designs of typical one piece pools and traditional pool designs. Our Cascade "Bespoke" Pools give you the freedom to design your own entry steps, beach areas, love seats, depths, pretty much within reason anything you like , giving you a totally unique and contemporary design . All for substantially less cost than that of a typical deluxe one piece pool . Lined with a textured commercial grade lining in beautiful slate or marble patterns, our "Bespoke" pools present a unique opportunity to create the pool design of your dreams.

For an information pack or to arrange a site survey and consultation, please call us on 01403 259755, use our enquiry link below or call by and see us at our multi award winning show centre (voted the U.K.'s best pool and spa show centre at the UK Pool and Spa Awards in both 2015 and 2016 ) where we have two full size Cascade pools on display.