Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Below we have featured just a few of the fabulous Beachcomber Hot Tub range we offer. There is no way we can begin to show you the full extent of their range and the features and benefits these quality driven tubs from Vancouver, Canada offer. Therefore click on the link below and it will take you to Beachcombers excellent web site which will serve to enable you to access all their models, colours, features and surely whet your appetite to visit our show centre and see them in the flesh.

Before you do , why not check out this video to see just how well they are made and why we were attracted to them 15 years ago. We don't like pain or aggravation and we don't expect our customers to experience it too. We definitely made the right decision to partner with Beachcomber all those years ago and we hope this video will serve to put you on the first steps to making the right decision too.


Beachcomber 340

Model 340 : The baby of the Beachcomber family. At 178 x 218 x 86 cm the 340 represents our most popular small size tub. Featuring seating for 5 people plus two cooling ledges as well as Beachcombers "FlexJet" system delivering from 38 to 81 customizable jets. A moderately priced tub that brings you big value in design and standard features.

Model 350 : Probably our best selling tub over the past decade. With 39 to 100 customizable jets , featuring three simply awesome reflex foot massage jets in the footwell , the 350 is a hybrid model with relaxing lounger bed and dedicated seating for four others. At 203 x 224 x 97 cm the 350 is a medium size tub offering depth and comfort for up to 6 persons. With plenty of space to stretch out and relax the 350 represents the perfect choice for a well equipped family tub.

Model 360 : As the 350 but with dedicated seating for six persons and no lounger bed.

Model 550 : The 550 comfort lounger is always popular with its all round size, design and combination of standard options. With its wonderfully comfortable lounger the 550 has been a Beachcomber Best Choice globally year after year. Size wise it is 203 x 224 x 97 and features 58 to 106 customizable jets including those oh so wonderful reflex foot massage jets in the deep foot well.

Model 715 : The 715 was created for those desiring a hand built small sized model without sacrificing on high performance options. At 178 x 218 x 97 cm with 91 to 143 customizable jets to give you the ultimate water massage, the 715 is a modern , timeless design with a spacious interior and and excellent total body hydro massage.

Model 725 : With 97 to 161 customizable jets and an excellent form fitting lounger, that can used for stretching out or as the cooling off bench, the 725 is presently available in a limited edition version featuring Beachcombers amazing "Air Connect" sound system, "Crescent Moon" lighting system and back lit "Roman Arch" water feature. Size = 203 x 224 x 97 cm.