Automatic Water Treatment

Automatic Water Treatment

Salt Chlorinators

With salt being a natural water softening product and a mild antiseptic, salt chlorinators are the outstanding choice for pool owners new or existing, to experience a very comfortable bathing environment and significantly reduce the requirement for costly powdered and liquid sanitising products.
Salt chlorinators use small amount of natural salt (Sodium Chloride) dissolved into the water (becoming about half as salty as a human teardrop). The system's electrolytic cell is plumbed directly in-line with the pool equipment. The power control unit is wired to the pool timer so it purifies the water when the pump is running.

The electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salt water solution through an electrolytic cell which converts salt (sodium chloride) in the water into (100% pure) chlorine gas which, when dissolved in water becomes sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). So you are in fact producing your own chlorine to sanitise the pool.

Home Counties salt chlorinator of choice is the "Zodiac Tri".

The proven "Zodiac Tri" sanitizing system creates the perfect level of comfort in your pool with exactly the right balance of sanitizing agents destroying bacteria and algae at all times. "Zodiac Tri" is a closed loop system that uses a small amount of ordinary salt to purify your pool water. There is no need to continually add sanitizer to your pool. "Zodiac Tri" softens and purifies water, keeping your pool sparkling clean, and refreshingly clear-automatically and economically.

Features include:

  • Auto-Super chlorination: which automatically boosts the level of chlorine in the pool (for example, once a week) - required to break down organic compounds that build up in the pool water.
  • Chlorine Output Control: All pools experience periods of heavy use (e.g. summer weekends) so the ability to quickly boost chlorine output is very helpful.
  • Add Salt Indicators: salt is gradually lost from the pool water - and the chlorinator will only function properly while there is adequate salt.
  • Automatic timer controls: will ideally allow you to set a 7 day cycle.
  • Battery back-up: should there be a power failure, this will retain timer and output settings - important if you plan to be away for periods of time.


Magnesium , an extraordinary beneficial power from nature.

Visit our award winning show centre to see the crystal clear water in our main show pool which is treated with the natural properties of Magnesium and discuss the benefits Magna Pool can bring to you, your family and your pool.


The MagnaPool system, exclusive magnesium-based water treatment, combines the natural properties of MagnaPool minerals with an exceptionally fine filtration system.


MagnaPool provides exceptionally clear water. This intense clarity is made possible by combining two innovative factors: the powerful natural clarifying properties of magnesium in MagnaPool, and exceptionally fine filtration using Crystal Clear glass media.


Compared with conventional water treatment systems (manual chlorine addition or salt electrolysis), MagnaPool naturally slows the development of chloramines, molecules that can cause an unpleasant chlorine smell and eye or skin irritation.


MagnaPool is a mineral-based treatment system that requires no sanitizing or remedial chemicals (shock chlorine, anti-algae products, clarifier, etc.). Moreover using Crystal Clear filter media saves up to 1,600 litres of water every year.


  1. Patented MagnaPool minerals, dissolved in the pool water.
  2. Crystal Clear, the media made of glass crystals providing ultra-fine filtration.
  3. Hydroxinator, the exclusive automatic water sanitizing system.

Bayrol Water Treatment Products

Home Counties stock and recommend the comprehensive and proven range from Bayrol water treatment products for the sanitising, balancing and maintenance of your pool or Hot Tub.

Offering both prevention and cure products, Home Counties stocks both traditional chlorine type products as well as Active Oxygen and new technology products from the worlds premier manufacturers and distributors of water treatment products.

A computerised water testing facility is also available at our show centre, whereby upon receipt of a  sample of your pool water we will be able to provide you witha computer generated report detailing the saturation index of your pool water and the products required to balance your pool water , such it provides the most comfortable bathing conditions possible whilst protecting the fabric of your pool or hot tub.

For further information and to register for one of our water treatment evenings with the Bayrol Pool Doctors please contact us.

UV Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is now a well established method of swimming pool water treatment. From its early successes in high-load recreation pools, it is now widely used throughout the leisure industry, from hydrotherapy spas to Olympic size competition pools.

This growth in popularity has been largely due to UV's reliability and ease of use. Another major factor is the reduced reliance on traditional chemical treatments it affords, particularly chlorine.

How UV works

UV kills microorganisms by permanently destroying their DNA. It is most powerful in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum between about 210nm and 310nm, the so-called germicidal wavelengths.

Within this region, UV is effective against virtually all known microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores.

For further information a assistance in selecting the right UV system for your pool please contact us.